Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tribulations Of Alvin Greene Continue - Swampland - TIME.com

The Tribulations Of Alvin Greene Continue - Swampland - TIME.com

The coast is by no means clear for Greene to begin preparing his general election campaign. On Sunday, Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington announced plans to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over the lack of disclosure reports in Greene's campaign. (He has no apparent campaign organization to speak of.) In Charleston, meanwhile, his opponent in the Democratic primary, Vic Rawls, announced that he planned to file a protest to the election, which will be heard Thursday by the state Democratic Party. "The strange circumstances surrounding Tuesday's vote require a thorough investigation," Rawl declared. "For better or worse, the protest process is the only platform available for that investigation."

Rawl has been gathering anecdotal evidence of voter machine malfunction on election day, and he has acquired academic studies of the election that show the result was statistically unlikely, but by no means impossible. The electronic voting machines in South Carolina have a history of glitches, but no record to suggest that they could throw an election by as much as 30,000 votes, or 18 percent of the ballots cast, which was Greene's winning margin. It is not known if Greene will appear at the hearing Thursday. He said Monday that he considered himself the rightful victor and planned to stay in the running through November.

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