Friday, June 11, 2010

Outreach program to encourage citizenship for immigrants -

Outreach program to encourage citizenship for immigrants -

Immigrants who are interested in learning English and becoming citizens can now access information at libraries and recreation centers throughout Los Angeles under a new partnership between local and federal officials.

The goal of the program — the first in the nation — is to promote citizenship and strengthen integration through education, outreach and civic participation.

By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times

squishyegg at 7:06 AM June 11, 2010
Well, there you have it. All the proof you need as a voting citizen about where the Obama administration stands on illegal immigrants, and what it plans to do about: GIVE THEM CLASSES AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE AND SHOW THEM HOW TO APPLY FOR CITIZENSHIP. All facilitated by a high federal government official. What an outrage. Be sure to vote this November and throw these bums out of office. These people clearly do not understand what their jobs are, and to whom they owe a duty. The American people have had enough of your incompetence and double-talk.

maandrews213 at 6:04 AM June 11, 2010
News Flash..........
Los Angeles Times , No one is Drinking Your Bankrupt Koolaid!!! A tipping point has been reached and Citizens have had enough! Knock Off the Open Borders Propaganda or start printing your rag in Spanish and drop the price to one peso! Our La Raza Mayor will be gone soon and expect a new broom will sweep out L.A. City corruption!

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