Monday, June 7, 2010

Nine Races to Watch On Super (Primary) Tuesday

This year's Super Tuesday of primaries is filled with intrigue, ranging from sexual indiscretions in South Carolina — and, no, this doesn't involve Mark Sanford, Argentina or the Appalachian Trail — to massages for drug-addicted prisoners in Nevada. We'll also see some interesting tests of the power of the Tea Party movement: It's looking like the GOP establishment candidate in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District has nothing to fear from his six Tea Party challengers, though such groups may succeed in bringing down South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis.
Here's a look at nine key races to watch. 1) Nevada's Senate GOP Primary: The Republican primary to see who will be challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his seat is quite a spectacle. Issues of late have included whether or not establishment candidate Sue Lowden, a former chair of the Nevada Republican Party, is pushing a plan to barter chickens for medical care, and a Scientology-endorsed drug treatment plan for prisoners that includes massages, put forth by Tea Party darling Sharron Engle. This race has gotten so ugly there's a chance that "none-of-the-above" — always present on Nevada ballots — could well win. Lowden and Engle are in a dead heat, closely trailed by businessman Danny Tarkanian, son of former University of Nevada Las Vegas basketball coach Jerry "Tark the Shark" Tarkanian.

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