Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mexico may request extradition of US Border Patrol

Mexican Senator Luis Alberto Villarreal García of Guanajuato is leading an effort within the Mexican government to extradite the US Border Patrol agent that murdered 14 year old Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca in Cd Juarez, Chihuahua. The teenager was in Mexican territory when the agent took aim and shot him in the head. A video has surfaced that shows the agent shot him in cold blood. At least three witnesses have now testified that Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca was not throwing rocks as previously alleged by the border patrol.
There are now a number of other Mexican senators and congressmen that have joined Senator Garcia in the effort to have the Mexican Department of Justice and the Department of State draft the proper documentation to have the rogue border agent extradited for trial in the Mexican judicial system. President Felipe Calderon has made no comment on the extradition effort but has publicly condemned the killing.

Mexican legal experts have debated the extradition and most agree that under international law, Mexico can extradite the criminal just as the US often extradites Mexican citizens that commit an offense in the US. Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca was in Mexico when the agent shot him.
Los Angeles, Alta California
June 16, 2010

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