Friday, June 4, 2010

Charleston Regional Business Journal | Charleston, SC

Charleston Regional Business Journal Charleston, SC

“Illegals artificially suppress wages for everyone. They fill ‘hard-to-fill’ jobs because the people paying the wages will not pay a fair wage. Those jobs are only hard to fill because the of the wages. This is not capitalism. All these free market capitalist who hire illegals should be in jail. If we all have to pay more for good, services and food because we are forces to pay a fair wage, so be it. That is the primary tenet of capitalism. And that principal should be applicable for the ENTIRE economy.”

“Think about all the crops that would NOT be picked, think about all the landscaping not done, the golf courses not manicured. The prices we would pay because most young ‘Americans’ will NOT do these jobs.”

“Unfortunately, the work ethic demonstrated post world war II (and prior to that) has all but disappeared. At some point in the 1980s, I believe, parents stopped demanding their kids work hard for what they got. They said "yes" to whatever their kids wanted. This sense of entitlement promoted a lack of willingness to work hard, and even assuming no illegals, many jobs would be hard to fill. I have no personal experience, but illegals work harder and appreciate more.”

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