Monday, June 21, 2010

Arizona - pick on someone your own size

Arizona - pick on someone your own size
San Francisco Chronical-keith Aoki

When is enough too much?

First, there is the "ratchet" problem - how do you know when you've tightened the screws enough? If "showing your papers" isn't enough, if stripping U.S. citizenship from the children of immigrants born on U.S. soil isn't enough, what is? Placing land mines on the border? For a 100-foot perimeter? A mile? How about poisoned water set out to entice those making a grueling desert crossing? Border sniper towers, 24/7? Xenophobic entrepreneurs selling "immigrant hunting" licenses? When is enough too much?

Second is the "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face" problem. This is harder for anti-immigrant folks to grasp, because to them, undocumented immigrants are parasites eating away at Arizona's vitals and giving nothing back - they are a problem and the answer is exclusion. Exclude them by any means necessary - don't allow them to drive, find work, live, speak their mother language, form families or attend school.

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