Saturday, May 15, 2010

SB1070 The Voice of America

Immigration reform has once again made a brief cameo appearance, leaving behind a trail of confusion and mistrust that has eventually brewed into hate. As a Latina and an American Citizen, my heart bled for those caught in the crossfire of this debate, thanking god, I wasn’t one of them. How naïve of me and many Hispanics, who thought “It can never happen to me”
so we watched and kept quiet. Hoping, it would go away

SB1070 and HB2281 is a crude reminder that no matter how much we may think we are Americans, in the eyes of public opinion we are and will always be Hispanics first and maybe Citizens, if we have proof.

I was shocked when SB1070 became law, but what floored me, was the responses I read in various websites. The hate and opinions supporting these laws dominate the internet and debates nationwide, exposing the true feelings felt about this issue and Hispanics in general.

The more I read the angrier I got, but at the same time, I began to see that the fear and hate felt for Hispanics wasn’t anything new. Immigration reform has become a political scapegoat, dangled in our faces like a puppet on a string, when ever the mood strikes. In this case we became collateral damage, in a battle against our first black President and a birth certificate.

Shall we continue to keep Quiet?

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