Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayday Marches

Mayday Marches

Had to sleep on this issue and finally decided that the last thing we as Latinos need right now is harsh criticism among ourselves. The fact of the matter is that we remained peaceful and this time we saw more famous faces.

In my humble opinion our NEXT STEP furthering our cause for justice is crucial, immigration reform has been on many Presidential Plates and we're still washing the dishes and cleaning up in silence, only now, those of us who’s parents made sure we could live the American Dream, will get caught in the middle, because we thought we were Americans, and said nothing. It’s time to start thinking about tomorrow and amend how we live today.

My suggestions:

Organize our activist nationwide, so we carry the same message and agenda. Use facebook, twitter, Skype, heck use smoke signs, key is NETWORK.

From there, TOGETHER we can push for:

· Halt, not suspend all Hispanic enlistments into the military, until we can guarantee their parents will be their when they come home.

· Suggest all contributions Illegal Immigrants have made, that are currently being held in “The Earning Suspense File” be placed in escrow. Interest paid, should be used for Immigrants in need.

· Register to vote ! (this has a lot of options)

· Demand more programs like “Al Punto” Our Hispanic TV channels, promote stupidity. (sorry is one is a sore subject for me)

· Listen to talk radio, from both perspectives.

I’m sure there are better and more ideas out their, let me know what you think. Key point is, that we need more than marches. Send me an e-mail and be patient, some days my in box has a lot of nice and some hateful emails and I like to read them all, so it may take me a while.

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