Sunday, April 25, 2010


Since SB1070 passed, I've decided to spend all my time on the field, talking to my fellow Latinos. Making sure they know the implications of this new law. Even tho, I know it will be challenged, my rage is not at this racist act called SB1070. What pisses me off, is that it actually became law and the bigots that supported it's vagueness. But then that doesn't surprise me, history can back me up on that one.

Our broken border is a problem, but also an opportunity, Which is why it has never been resolved. Over 5,000 immigration bills in five years have been approved and to what end?...nada, my people keep coming. If they were serious about this issue, maybe, just maybe, if they punished those that hire a hard working illegal, they'd have a slighty different outcome. But then our politicians would no longer have that ace up their sleeve, when they need a little time or a distraction. In this case it's a power struggle.

But I'm more pissed at us as Latinos, so many of us and so divided. We see no one but ourselves, our family and our friends and where has that gotten us. I mean that with LOVE. What I'm trying to say, is that it's time we reach out to one another, patronize Latino merchants, push our children to learn. And stop watching channel 34, they just keep us stupid and the men horney.

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