Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MALDEF Where are YOU !!!

Where is MALDEF, someone please wake these fools up, it's time to at least look busy.

"MALDEF is at the forefront of the battle to create and perserve the right of those in search of economic opportunity and personal freedom in America"....this is what they proudly post on there website....what a crock!

With several attorneys on staff, nice plush offices, several plush formal gatherings and ceremonies is what they do with the funding they get.

Meanwhile as Hispanics find themselves being stripped from their dignity and rights as human beings and in some cases their rights as American citizens. MALDEF is busy chasing their tail, with frivolous lawsuits that keep us barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Meanwhile over five thousand laws have been implemented without anyone representing our interest or to insure these laws are fair.

We have to many chiefs, claiming to represent the rights of Hispanics. Opportunist who do little to reach out to the communities they represent. kinda reminds me of that elitist attitude wall street has "it's to complicated, for you to understand", ya right! Por eso estamos como estamos.

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  1. MALDEF, ACLU and the NILC are constantly fighting for our rights in this country.