Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ever wonder what people think of the USA?......

Author, Garfield:The people of the United States have the attention of most of the developed world right now. Not because they are the leading country, the most powerful and the major world trading nation. No, not for any of those reasons but because they are the most backward nation in the world when it comes to establishing health care for al their citizens. I am from Canada and we are completely bewildered by the goings on down there. What kind of a country has a population that goes to town hall meetings with an assault rifle and a handgun, only in America. How many people call their leader a liar, a nazi, only in America. What is wrong with you people? Doctors don`t want health care reform because it means 50 million more people in the system and they are scared it will effect them, seniors are afraid that funding will be cut to their health care so don`t want reform. Is everyone in the United States selfish, self-centered doesn't anyone care about anyone else? So help me with the things that are going on down there right now I am very concerned that civil war will break out and as Canada is just across the 49th it might effect us. You are becoming a disgrace to the civilized world and should be very much ashamed of yourselves. TEA demonstrations, mad talk show hosts, nuts running loose, only in America they say, dam good thing to and a real pity.

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