Friday, July 31, 2009

Gates vs gates

Neither is faultless, the cop out to prove a point, or the little man with an attitude. My point, as a minority (Hispanic) is that among my fellow African Americans, the race card is to loosely dropped, it's like act now and ask questions later, the truth is irrelevant. As the media scrambles to find dirt on the current HOT issue, racism and profiling enters the picture. Whether right or wrong, the race card now becomes the story, the catalyst for those ill informed to exercise their aggression on anyone. It’s not the fact that the race card is dragged into the lives of those of us who read/live among the African American community, or the fact that every time RACE is a hot issue, tension and minor scuffles occur among poor
Neighborhoods. What bothers me the most is that my African-American neighbors aren’t angry about what happened, they're just angry. If a brother goes free, even tho he’s guilty, in my neck of the woods you can hear, horns blasting and yelling, in celebration not for justice but for an ill concept that they we saw in the OJ case.

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  1. profiling is alive and well in Amercia "the race card is to loosely dropped" the press brings up the race at evey chance they get.
    Stop the "profiling", yes even the president's friends