Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seccion Amarilla aka Telmex

Sonia said...
I know that in tough times, it is wise to hold on to the jobs we have...However, there is an exceptions to this rule.
Carlos Slim’s Seccion Amarilla "Bad habits, hard to break".

Bad habits are hard to break. Seccion Amarilla’s yellow-pages “en espanol”, a brilliant and profitable move and what could of been a useful tool for the Hispanic community. The vision was there, but unfortunately in Mr. Carlos Slim case so was greed. Telmex de Mexico aka:Seccion Amarilla, brought yellow pages in Spanish to the USA, along with it's shady business practices, billing issues, a non-existent customer service, ads sold for books never published, incorrect ads and not to mention wage violations.
Mr. Slims fortune and success, was achieved at the expense of hard working citizens in Latin countries he invaded with his screw the customer and the people, bleed them to death motto.
Having had the pleasure to work for this company, I heard hundreds of stories/complaints from customers and victims of Mr. Helu's Bright Executives, guiding his US venture and who follow his style of business.
We have several lawsuits pending, unsatisfied customers, billing MISTAKES, and a slew of angry ex-employee's, not to mention Distribution issues. Don't take my word for it, google us or check out some of these web pages, same problems, same Carlos Slim solutions, which he has now brought to the USA.
Analysis of Carlos Slim’s monopoly
La verdad de Telmex
Plataforma Carlos Slim
Caso telmex-Columbia

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