Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Racist in power

Human-rights activists have said Mr. Arpaio's officers engaged in racial profiling and found pretexts, such as broken tail lights, to arrest undocumented residents of the Phoenix area. The Department of Justice is investigating whether officers used skin color as a pretense to stop Hispanics. Mr. Arpaio has said that his actions were in line with the law.
"They took away my authority on the streets. That doesn't matter because I will still pursue illegals on the streets of Maricopa utilizing the authority I have as the elected official," Mr. Arpaio said Tuesday in an interview. (By MIRIAM JORDAN WSJ)

This man has been on the lose to long!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snatched Baby Was Allegedly Up for Sale

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 6) - A reunion between a Tennessee mother and her kidnapped newborn was brief when state officials placed him and his three siblings in foster care, they said for their safety.
  • The children were taken away after allegations arose that a family member tried to sell the baby.
  • Investigators are still trying to answer "significant questions; "why this newborn was chosen over everybody else in the city,"
  • Silas has not been charged in the attack on Gurrolla.
  • Gurrolla was targeted while she and a cousin, identified only as "JS," were running errands and visiting a state food assistance office.

"Sources close to the case told The Associated Press on Monday"


Friday, October 2, 2009

Carlos Slim's hidden cards

NEW YORK. - What would you invest in right now if you were the wealthiest man in Mexico?Certainly not a newspaper; especially when the industry is suffering massive layoffs and company closings due to rapidly diminished advertising revenues and circulation, increased competition from the Internet and television, and other calamities caused by the worst economic recession in over 50 years.And yet, that is exactly what Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire and the third richest man in the world according to Forbes Magazine, did in January 2009, when he loaned $250 million dollars to the New York Times, the crown jewel of American journalism.

Besides becoming the largest creditor of that company, Mr. Slim - with a fortune estimated at $35 billion dollars - secured warrants of 15.9 million shares, which if converted, would position him as the single largest shareholder of the Times Company.Mr. Slim's investment shook the financial and business community in New York which for months has asked a simple question. Why would the Mexican tycoon be interested in that kind of business, one that is under such pressure?To wit, three days ago, Bob Arum, the legendary boxing promoter, slapped the New York Times down, for not covering one of his events at Madison Square Garden. During a news conference, Mr. Arum said that boxing is a healthy sport, that almost all the tickets were sold and that they did not need the help of a Mexican magnate Carlos Slim to rescue them.So, why did Slim invest in The New York Times? Power, vanity, influence, dreams? Or perhaps, from a profitable business perspective that has not yet been understood?Carlos Slim was born in Mexico City into a caring and tight-knit family of Lebanese immigrants, who prospered through hard work, luck and good business contacts. His public image has always been controversial, ranging from being a captain of industry loves his country, the simple life and mathematics, to that of the corrupt robber baron who builds on "crony capitalism" to aggressively seek profits everywhere.He owns and controls more than 200 companies that manage and sell just about everything, from bread to iPhones, toys to music and books, restaurants and real estate. Mr. Slim's holdings are in Mexican cement and tobacco industries, as well as international banks and retailers such as Sears and Saks Fifth AvenueHis flagship companies are Telmex and Telcel, the giant phone companies that control most of the land and cellular lines in Mexico, and their powerful spin off , America Móvil, that dominates the cellular market in vast parts of South and Central America.In many aspects, Mr. Slim often seems to own the Mexican economy. It has been said that it is not possible to live in Mexico without spending at least one dollar a day across his empire. And according to a recent profile done by the New Yorker magazine, nobody in modern times, not Rockefeller or Gates, can match the grip he has on the wealth and spending of an entire country as Slim does with Mexico.Yet, with all his wealth, Mr. Slim lives modestly, owning only one house where he lives with his youngest son, and uses American SUVs that he enjoys to drive around town. He has been married only once, to Soumaya Domit de Slim, who passed away in 1999.An engineer by trade, and schooled in the family business since he was born, he does not use a computer and loves numbers and metrics. In interviews with U.S. correspondents, Slim enjoys bragging about his love of baseball and his great recollection of the sport's stats and figures. Since 2000, Mr. Slim has redoubled his charitable efforts, focusing on the revitalization of Mexico City's historic center, as well as leading the $10 billion Latin America Development Fund which supports cultural projects across Latin America.But his name is synonymous with wealth and capitalism. Mr. Slim is despised by critics who perceive him as a cutthroat rival who does everything possible to deny the rise of competitors.His supporters note his mastery of business strategy and tactics, and his focus on business as a true calling.These supporters cite the business savvy displayed when he pocketed close to $600 million dollars in 2005 from selling his stake in MCI to Verizon. Slim had invested $300 million in fire-sale bonds as MCI went into bankruptcy protection following a huge accounting scandal. As it emerged from bankruptcy, the bonds were converted into shares which with the valuation provided by Verizon's offer for MCI's assets, netted the tycoon a tremendous profit.But for his competitors like the global telecommunications company, Telefónica of Spain which has been entrenched in legal and competition battles with Slim in México and all over Latin America, Slim's actions are the signs of a monopolist who's goal is to completely control markets and crush all competition.Telefónica first went up against the Mexican magnate when they entered the Mexican mobile phone market, pricing their phones and services lower than Mr. Slim's company, Telcel in order to gain market share. At first, Telefonica was seeing great sales of the phones but poor usage or subscriptions to their services.After months of investigating, they discovered that affiliates of Telmex were buying the mobile phones, changing the service chips to Telcel and re-selling the phones for only a little more than what Telefonica was offering. Customers were getting newer, cheaper phone models but backed by the leading company services, letting Telefonica's marketing expenditures drive customers to Telcel and depriving Telefonica of the revenues from the subscriptions and service plans.Since that opening salvo, Telefonica has also fought an expensive battle to leverage consumer and market demands to open the land line phone market in Mexico, facing Telmex's deep pockets and legions of lobbyists and lawyers intent on keeping Telmex dominant position intact.In the past few years, a new wrinkle has developed as the telco's have been joined by cable operators, communications technology providers and entrenched media companies in targeting the next generation of services: the "triple play" combination of voice, data and content services delivered in one package.This new market has brought formidable competitors to the table, including Televisa, the dominant media company in Mexico, whose relationships across government, business and society are as deep and powerful as those of Carlos Slim.By law, Telmex is unable to provide 'triple play' services, but they are certainly interested in changing those laws and it is speculated to be only a matter of time. At that point, Slim's affiliation with Microsoft via their Prodigy MSN venture can provide another piece to the puzzle as he pursues additional media and content partners that will add value to the 'triple play' services he seeks to provide.When recently asked why he thinks the New York Times is a good investment, the Mexican billionaire that has made fortunes in distressed industries that provide steady cash flows answered:"We think it's the best newspaper," he said. "We believe in media content. We think paper will disappear, but not the content. The content will become more important."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grand Ma's letter to Wilson

56 Graymoor Lane
Olympia Fields, IL 60461 September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson, MemberUnited States Congress
212 Cannon House Office BuildingWashington, D. C 20515-4002

903 Port Republic StreetBeaufort, South Carolina 29902

Mr. Wilson:

I am an 80 year old mother and my older child is 51 years old; but, if ever I were to hear him call anyone a liar or rudely and obstreperously tell someone they were telling a lie, I would slap his face. My two children, 41 and 51 respectively, are very well reared as was I. I can remember as a little innocent child calling someone a liar. I only did it one time because the lecture in the form of a lesson in proper decorum sank in, and to this day, I have never called anyone a liar. My mother considered this the ultimate in rudeness and disrespect, not only for the person I called a liar, but for me, myself.

Having learned that lesson at such an early age, it made me cringe when you, at age 62, and a former military man, yelled to the President of the United States of America, “You lie.” As a military man, you know the chain of command; and, you were addressing the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. Of course, President Obama who is a very refined gentleman did not respond and he kept right on target delivering the most brilliant speech I have ever heard. I can say this with a degree of authority because I have been witness to every presidency since Herbert Hoover. Never in the hallowed halls of Congress have I witnessed such coarse, gross, despicable behavior.

I don’t know if your mother is alive or not, but if she is, I’m certain that she hung her head in shame knowing that all over the world you have disgraced her, yourself, your wife, your four sons, your office, your constituency and your country. Children of good breeding, who are properly reared carry the teachings of their parents throughout their lives. At 80 everything I do is tested against, “what would my mother think of that?” I would never defame her precious memory by demonstrating lack of self control and a knowledge of the social graces that separate women from ladies and men from gentlemen.

My mother was a proper Southern genteel lady who commanded respect because of the way she carried herself. I would think that your being from the South, you would have gotten some of that good ole Southern hospitality and gentility that seems to be characteristic of intelligent people of the South.

I do so hope you will listen to the foreign media as I did late last night. You are an international disgrace because from Ireland to China and England, your crudity was the main topic of conversation.

I note that you have a law degree. I wonder how proud your alma mater, University of South Carolina Law School , was of you tonight as you showed to the world that education without character is vacuous and meaningless. There is a popular expression of people with degrees who lack common sense, they are referred to as “educated fools.”

If you were playing to the media and to the camera for attention, you succeeded because your worldwide legacy will be that you were the ill-suited and ill-placed person who demeaned himself in the halls of Congress for the first time in U S history.

Written with embarrassment for my country,
Helen L. Burleson, Doctor of Public Administration
( an e-mail, forwarded to me by my good friend Bob)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ever wonder what people think of the USA?......

Author, Garfield:The people of the United States have the attention of most of the developed world right now. Not because they are the leading country, the most powerful and the major world trading nation. No, not for any of those reasons but because they are the most backward nation in the world when it comes to establishing health care for al their citizens. I am from Canada and we are completely bewildered by the goings on down there. What kind of a country has a population that goes to town hall meetings with an assault rifle and a handgun, only in America. How many people call their leader a liar, a nazi, only in America. What is wrong with you people? Doctors don`t want health care reform because it means 50 million more people in the system and they are scared it will effect them, seniors are afraid that funding will be cut to their health care so don`t want reform. Is everyone in the United States selfish, self-centered doesn't anyone care about anyone else? So help me with the things that are going on down there right now I am very concerned that civil war will break out and as Canada is just across the 49th it might effect us. You are becoming a disgrace to the civilized world and should be very much ashamed of yourselves. TEA demonstrations, mad talk show hosts, nuts running loose, only in America they say, dam good thing to and a real pity.

Friday, September 11, 2009

David Paine: The Politicization of 9/11

This past August, a few months after the 9/11 community finally secured passage of bipartisan legislation that established 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance, a writer for the American Spectator published an article entitled "Obama's Plan to Desecrate 9/11."
The opening sentence read this way:
The Obama White House is behind a cynical, coldly calculated political effort to erase the meaning of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks from the American psyche and convert Sept. 11 into a day of leftist celebration and statist idolatry.
Now everyone is entitled to their opinion -- this is a free country. And we don't mind it if some people think that establishing 9/11 as a day of service and remembrance is the worst idea in the world. Although our view is that the 9/11 families themselves ought to be able to decide what the observance should be, people certainly can disagree. That's what makes America great.
But more was going on here than that. The real problem was that 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance had become somebody's political ammo, in this case aimed at the Obama Administration. I felt a little like I'd walked into convenience store in the middle of a freakin' hold-up. Apparently, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
David Paine
President and co-founder of MyGoodDeed
Posted: September 10, 2009 07:52 PM

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nelson Lichtenstein: This Labor Day, Is the World of Work a More Secure and Lawful Place?

America may finally be climbing out of a really nasty recession, but things are hardly going back to the old "normal." The way we think about our work lives is going to change in a profound way. This has less to do with legislation - although there will be new laws and regulations - than with the kind of day to day hopes, expectations, and fears that both employers and employees take to the office, store, or factory each morning.

It has happened before. The Great Depression saw the moral and ideological collapse of an old order that no longer seemed rational, productive or democratic.

Nelson Lichtenstein
Historian at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Posted: September 5, 2009 06:19 PM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Si Sonia y otros pudieron

La Raza

Las audiencias de confirmación de Sonia Sotomayor para la Corte Suprema de Justicia de Estados Unidos han sido una maravillosa lección sobre cómo salir adelante en tiempos difíciles. Y estos son tiempos muy difíciles.
Pocos saben que esta mujer de origen puertorriqueño, que rápidamente se ha convertido en una de las latinas más importantes de la historia, perdió a su padre a los 9 años de edad. Eso la pudo condenar al fracaso y a la pobreza. Sin embargo, ella no dejó que eso la definiera.
Sotomayor tuvo tres cosas a su favor: Sabía lo que quería, luchó por eso con una inigualable fuerza de voluntad y tuvo el gran apoyo de una familia inteligente.
La lección es que si Sotomayor pudo, otras jóvenes del Bronx, N.Y., también pueden.
Al igual que Sotomayor, Barack Obama tuvo éxito a pesar de haber visto a su padre sólo una vez en la vida. Otros jóvenes justifican sus errores por la ausencia de una figura paterna. Obama no.
Hace poco, en la Casa Blanca, me tocó escuchar un discurso en el que Obama habló de la importancia de romper los ciclos negativos. Su padre, dijo, no estuvo presente en su vida. Pero él se comprometió a estar siempre presente en la vida de sus hijas Sasha y Malia. A pesar de ser el padre más ocupado del planeta, Obama trata de asistir a las actividades escolares y a los juegos de fútbol de ellas.
La lección es que si Obama pudo, un muchacho del Este de Los Angeles también puede.
El líder del Senado norteamericano, Harry Reid, me contó en una entrevista que su madre lavaba ropa ajena para que su familia pudiera sobrevivir. La casa de Reid, en una zona rural de Nevada, no tenía plomería ni agua caliente. A pesar de unos inicios muy humildes, Reid salió adelante y hoy toma decisiones que afectan la vida de millones de personas.
La lección es que si Reid pudo, otro niño pobre en el barrio de Pilsen en Chicago también puede.
La fórmula del éxito profesional parece estar en dedicarse a lo que más te gusta hacer y, luego, en tratar de ser el mejor en lo que haces, aportando algo nuevo y único.
Cuando vemos a Sotomayor es difícil imaginarse que alguna vez fue una frágil niña, confundida y dolida tras la muerte de su padre. Sotomayor pudo haber tenido una vida marcada por la oscuridad y el silencio. Hoy, en cambio, su voz se oye en todo el país y su vida es un luminoso ejemplo de que querer es poder.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

U.S. Militia Groups Growing

U.S. Militia Groups Growing

WASHINGTON (Aug. 12) - Militia groups with gripes against the government are regrouping across the country and could grow rapidly, according to an organization that tracks such trends.
The stress of a poor economy and a liberal administration led by a black president are among the causes for the recent rise, the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says. Conspiracy theories about a secret Mexican plan to reclaim the Southwest are also growing amid the public debate about illegal immigration.

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Unfortunately hate is embedded in who we are. What scares me is that hate is picking up speed and getting ugly, with healthcare reform, I think all stops will be pulled once immigration reform hits the spotlight, then I think no-one will be safe.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Women Justice, who happens to be Latina!

Welcome Associated Justice Sototmayor, and thank your mom for a job well done, I wish this will serve as an example to the rest of Latino Parents, "que si se puede"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CONGRATS! Sonia Sotomayor

Despite staunch opposition from most Republicans, the Senate confirms Sonia Sotomayor as the nation's first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Gates vs gates

Neither is faultless, the cop out to prove a point, or the little man with an attitude. My point, as a minority (Hispanic) is that among my fellow African Americans, the race card is to loosely dropped, it's like act now and ask questions later, the truth is irrelevant. As the media scrambles to find dirt on the current HOT issue, racism and profiling enters the picture. Whether right or wrong, the race card now becomes the story, the catalyst for those ill informed to exercise their aggression on anyone. It’s not the fact that the race card is dragged into the lives of those of us who read/live among the African American community, or the fact that every time RACE is a hot issue, tension and minor scuffles occur among poor
Neighborhoods. What bothers me the most is that my African-American neighbors aren’t angry about what happened, they're just angry. If a brother goes free, even tho he’s guilty, in my neck of the woods you can hear, horns blasting and yelling, in celebration not for justice but for an ill concept that they we saw in the OJ case.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Racism and Bigotry, Alive and thriving!

YouTube - No Hispanics Allowed
Springfield, TN City Council Alderman Ken Cherry is wanting to ban all Hispanics from Springfield's parks because "If they're speaking Spanish, I tend t... -
News like this REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sotomayor A hispanic Moment

Three reasons I am proud of this moment, which no bigot or play-hater can take away! 1.under-dogs can win 2. As an independent women "you go girl" 3. As a hispanic-yo knuckelheads, parents educate your young, "si se puede"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

California May Issue IOUs, Not Checks!

All I know is that I am mad as hell, and I am not taking it quietly!!!! We Californians are being held hostage, taxed to the gill and if that's not enough digging into our pockets, now I'm told I can't have my daily rations of water (since it's the only thing I can afford) I have to CUT BACK and flush less........what the hell. Is this not America the great? A Leader and super-power, trend setters and the enlightened one? Stop bitching and complaining, just to hear yourself talk Do something call anyone of those pompous idiots WE elected, who don't know what it is to go hungry, tap into the ashtray just to pump gas or the worst torture of all, no cable.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rogue Minutemen leader held in fatal home invasion

Rogue Minutemen leader held in fatal home invasion
Story Highlights
Woman, two men allegedly posed as federal agents in home invasion
Arizona man targeted because trio thought he was a drug dealer, police say Raul Flores, daughter, 9, shot dead; wire calls 911 Among trio of suspects are woman with ties to Minutemen groups document.write(cnnRenderTimeStamp(1245761170676,['June 23, 2009 -- Updated 1246 GMT (2046 HKT)','updated 8:46 a.m. EDT, Tue June 23, 2009']));
updated 8:46 a.m. EDT, Tue June 23, 2009
What ever happened to fair and balanced news, untainted by personal believes and hidden agendas. CNN published this on there website as news about a home invasion when in reality,
had the victims been anything other than Hispanic, would have read "HATE CRIME"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seccion Amarilla aka Telmex

Sonia said...
I know that in tough times, it is wise to hold on to the jobs we have...However, there is an exceptions to this rule.
Carlos Slim’s Seccion Amarilla "Bad habits, hard to break".

Bad habits are hard to break. Seccion Amarilla’s yellow-pages “en espanol”, a brilliant and profitable move and what could of been a useful tool for the Hispanic community. The vision was there, but unfortunately in Mr. Carlos Slim case so was greed. Telmex de Mexico aka:Seccion Amarilla, brought yellow pages in Spanish to the USA, along with it's shady business practices, billing issues, a non-existent customer service, ads sold for books never published, incorrect ads and not to mention wage violations.
Mr. Slims fortune and success, was achieved at the expense of hard working citizens in Latin countries he invaded with his screw the customer and the people, bleed them to death motto.
Having had the pleasure to work for this company, I heard hundreds of stories/complaints from customers and victims of Mr. Helu's Bright Executives, guiding his US venture and who follow his style of business.
We have several lawsuits pending, unsatisfied customers, billing MISTAKES, and a slew of angry ex-employee's, not to mention Distribution issues. Don't take my word for it, google us or check out some of these web pages, same problems, same Carlos Slim solutions, which he has now brought to the USA.
Analysis of Carlos Slim’s monopoly
La verdad de Telmex
Plataforma Carlos Slim
Caso telmex-Columbia