Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outbreak of virus affecting children reaches California

Los Angeles Times | September 18, 2014 | 1:18 PM
Four cases of a virus that can cause severe respiratory illness in young children -- especially those with asthma -- have been identified in California, state health officials announced today.

Officials confirmed three cases of enterovirus D68 in San Diego County and one in Ventura County.

The illnesses marked California’s first 2014 cases of a virus known to have infected 153 people in 18 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Home Depot data breach: 56 million payment cards put 'at risk'

me Depot Inc. said an investigation found that a data breach exposed about 56 million payment cards, part of a cyber attack that trumped even Target's massive hack last year.

The home improvement chain said hackers built unique malware to penetrate the company's systems between April and September. In comparison, Target's data breach compromised 40 million credit and debit card accounts over a period of about three weeks.

"The malware had not been seen previously in other attacks," Home Depot said in a Thursday statement. "The hackers' method of entry has been closed off."

The Atlanta company said the malware has been removed, security has been tightened at its U.S. stores and any terminals with malware have been removed.

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Untapped Force in the Fight for Literacy

People disagree, quite strenuously, on the best curriculum for teaching children to read. But all participants in the reading wars agree on some other things: Early reading is crucial — a child who does not read proficiently by third grade will probably fall further and further behind each year. American schools are failing: two out of three fourth graders don’t read at grade level.

OjO....Heat Alert Issued for Valleys, LA Basin

Triple-digit heat is likely through Monday for Southern California valleys

Brown Signs Bill Guaranteeing Paid Sick Leave for California Workers - California Healthline

On Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed into law a bill (AB 1522) that requires a minimum of three paid sick days per year for employees who work 30 or more days in a calendar year, the Sacramento Business Journal reports (Young, Sacramento Business Journal, 9/10).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lawsuit Claims Sushi Rice Sold To California Restaurants Tainted With Rodent Soiling, Black Mold

Attorney Brian Kabateck discussed flush with CBS2’s Elsa Ramon.

“The rice is adulterated with what’s called flush in this industry,” Kabateck said. “And flush in the industry is anything that is not supposed to be in the rice.”

In the lawsuit, Farmer’s Rice Cooperative is accused of selling the tainted rice to thousands of grocery stores across California.

Particularly, the names New Variety, New Rose and Imperial Rose are associated with the bad rice.
The complaint alleges the company would “allow substances, such as insects, rodents and their soiling, bird remains and black mold to be present in its processed rice.”

Later, the complaint claims that restaurant and store owners were led to believe they were buying U.S. No. 1 Extra Fancy rice.

What they received, however, according to the complaint, was not edible.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Something to think about....Ferguson and the cult of compliance

The protests in Ferguson, Missouri, set off by a policeman’s shooting of an unarmed black teen last week, appear to be spinning out of control — not because crowds are rioting nightly but because law enforcement is operating as though they are in a war zone. Peaceful protesters are facing nothing short of a domestic army, armed with military equipment, waiting for a provocation.

As the protests progressed, the police have used noncompliance, or the failure to obey their every order, as their justification for whatever violence came next. That’s also the excuse that the police used to explain why an officer shot Michael Brown. They said the incident started because Brown didn’t comply with an order to move, so it is he who is to blame.

What happens if you don’t comply when the police give you an order? What rights do you really have? How free are you, really, when the authorities have weapons pointed at you or when they have the right to draw a weapon and use it with relative impunity?

Over the past few years, I have been tracking the rhetoric that police and other authority figures use to justify all kinds of violence. In cases that seem very different, separated by factors such as age, race, gender, sexuality, geography, class and ability, police explain away their actions by citing noncompliance. They do it because it works. They do it because according to their beliefs, any sign of noncompliance is an invitation to strike.

To fight back, ordinary citizens need not only to push specific reforms but also to transform the culture of law enforcement.//

It’s a link that needs to be made. In the vast majority of cases, especially those involving young black and Latino men, police can punish someone for noncompliance with impunity, and because of deeply entrenched racism, little is done in the way of reform. But when someone is disabled or unwell, violent police action reveals itself as what it is: disproportionate, crude and uncalled for. It is therefore imperative to consider the two situations side by side and integrate them into a broader discussion about how the police treats people who, for whatever reason, do not comply with their every whim.//

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar examples in which noncompliance led to violence. Ersula Ore, a black woman in Arizona refused to hand over her ID and was flung to the ground. A drunk woman in Skokie, Illinois, didn’t look into the camera when being booked, so the police threw her onto a bench, breaking her face. They claimed she was resisting arrest.

Fixing the problems will involve working on racism in police departments across the country, enforcing bans on chokeholds, all kinds of better training and building a national mental health system focused on care rather than incarceration. Mandatory cameras are a good idea too. Let’s treat all these symptoms but keep our eye on the disease that’s causing them.

The public must stop blaming these events on bad cops or bad departments. Too many people are willing to accept that because being a cop is risky, they have to punch, shoot or tase at the slightest provocation. Such attitudes enable the cult of compliance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

California passes law mandating smartphone kill switch

Smartphones sold in California will soon be required to have a kill switch that lets users remotely lock them and wipe them of data in the event they are lost or stolen.

The demand is the result of a new law, signed into effect on Monday, that applies to phones manufactured after July 1, 2015, and sold in the state.

While its legal reach does not extend beyond the state’s borders, the inefficiency of producing phones solely for California means the kill switch is expected to be adopted by phone makers on handsets sold across the U.S. and around the world.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fundraising Effort for Ferguson Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Gets Ugly


Lt. Lockhart •
Thugs get slugs.

McGovern1981 . •
The more actual facts come out the more these Michael Brown supporters make asses of themselves not suprising from a crowd that riots, steals and assaults others in the name of "justice" before they're even convicted. A white cop defends his life and you cry racism whitey be keeping me down meanwhile you kill each other everyday in places like Chicago and Detroit and not a peep from you...pathetic.

Amazing !.....Arpaio has $5 million but begs for more of your cash

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has no shame.

He does, however, have LOTS of campaign money. And he knows how to get more of it.

So today he released a letter begging supporters for more money to help him fight -- you guess it -- President Obama.

The letter is addressed to "patriot." (A better word might be "patron." Or, better yet, "patsy.")

Still, the sheriff goes on to say, "Our country is under attack. And Barack Obama is the aggressor. That's right. Our own President has overseen the release of thousands of illegal immigrants...hundreds of whom are convicted criminals - even felons, which are flooding into America. ..."


DeWitt Tremaine · Top Commenter · Boise, Idaho
Joe is an American, this is a communist news propoganda rag.

Elaine Feroleto Costello · Top Commenter · Realtor at HomeSmart
There is no other I would vote for, and apparently there are many Arizonans that share my opinion. Lets go Joe round 7.

Conrad Sloan · Top Commenter · Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona
Bill, why don't you try looking at the number of drug smugglers Arpaio has arrested.

Then educate yourself about the jobs illegals take. You may want to pretend it's only dishwashers and such (because you think that's all their good for), but the majority take what were once good paying jobs in home building. And usually committing ID Theft in order to get those jobs.

Perry Paul Sheneman · Seiling, Oklahoma
If Obama had the balls Sheriff Joe has we would not be having this discussion. AZCentral is part of the problem, not by any means part of a solution.

Betty Krug · Top Commenter · Phoenix College
Joe's tactics are not good sometimes but it is even more shocking that there is little real journalism left in the Republic anymore. Our borders are wide open, people with communicable diseases from countries with Ebola and many other diseases are also coming here with NO Quarantines and even our Border Patrol people are getting sick and being killed by criminals who are teens coming across the border. They in majority are not little children as is propagandized by most media and this is pure asymmetrical warfare to purposely implode our economy and our borders, committed by our own government...ON RECORD. Do you people even do any real research anymore? Drudge Report links to better news then you people ever put out anymore too. Joe is right about what is really happening,no matter if you like him personally or not.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

WTF....AT GUNPOINT: TX cops terrify young family (Part 1)

(Check out cops response)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Break from all the =D

Here's A DIY Hack To Get Back At Terrible Customer Service Reps

After several people used recorded phone calls to out customer service reps for bad behavior, it turns out using a microphone during your call might improve your chances of a decent customer experience. The trouble is, how do you do it?

You might think of the obvious option right off the bat: an app. The trouble is, a lot of apps that record cost money and are glitchy. Instead, we've pioneered a strategy for recording your calls that's simple, quiet and cheap.

(Here, we'd like to point out that laws around recording vary by state, so it's probably a good idea to check on the rules for wherever you live. We'd also advise getting the service rep's consent before you record, since you don't know where they're located.)

Yes it does help !

Follow link to view full's worth it !

Honor Journalist James Foley: Don't Watch the Video

James Foley was, in fact, executed by ISIS, you can honor him -- and not play into the terroristic hands of that organization -- simply by not watching the video of his murder.

Video voyeurism of the worst variety exists when we feast on the death of journalists who strive, through their reporting, to keep our society free. Resist the temptation to take even the briefest of looks.

The Republican Party’s Geriatric Trap

There are many ways to think about the Republican Party's electoral predicament — in racial terms, in sectional terms, in ideological terms. One clarifying way to conceive the problem is in generational terms — a geriatric trap.

David Frum has an essay in Foreign Affairs laying out his view of how the Republican Party must change in order to regain parity at the national level. Frum’s core insight is that the Republican Party fell into a self-perpetuating cycle whereby its ideas attracted mainly old people, and old people in turn shaped its ideas, and so they wound up “reinventing themselves as defenders of the fiscal status quo for older Americans — and only older Americans.” Even while fighting a desperate rear-guard campaign to prevent, and then to destroy, universal health insurance, Republicans exempted all Americans over the age of 55 from any budget cuts. As a Fox News ratings gambit, this works splendidly. As both a long-term Republican political strategy and as a governing doctrine, it is a catastrophe.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't be afraid of America's changing demographics

For many Americans, the scariest phrase in the English language is "changing demographics."
It's never easy to adjust to change -- especially when the thing that is changing is nothing less than the complexion of the country. America is being transformed before our eyes. In the early years of the 21st century, many white Americans are trembling at the thought that -- within three decades -- they'll be the minority in the United States. The demographic "doomsday" is about 2043, according to the most recent projections.

BillzFishyCigars •
I'm not afraid of America's changing demographics, given that all are here legally.
What concerns me more is Americas's changing respect for:
The rule of law
Independence (rather than dependence)
and...Each other

You_Sicken_Me •
The only ones getting no where in the future are .... the blacks. Hispanics use the blacks as ladders when they are in the minority in a company but when they are a majority they are more racists than the KKK.

TruthEspouser You_Sicken_Me •
Ah, hey that's not bad. I can demand affirmative action, section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare checks...rather than working...hmm.

sherri56 •
Well, you know what? It would be nice if these new groups would start considering themselves as American and stop thinking of themselves as special groups. Stop thinking of yourself as Hispanic, or black. Just be Americans. Assimilate like other immigrants (my relatives included) did. Learn the language, get a job, start supporting yourself and your family. Stop asking for special treatment and special favors. Just BE American. Can you do that, do you think?